We are multidimensional in nature, and many are now awakening to the truth of this. We are blessed to experience this time of great awakening upon the planet, a time where many are directly connecting and experiencing higher levels of conscious awareness within. Now is the time to return back to our divinity, our oneness with all things. To heal the wounds within to reveal all the love and beauty that has always been within, discovering our authentic self, facing our pain and shadows in the light of unconditional love and knowing the power we all hold within. NOW is the time to unite as we step into the reality of Unity, Sovereignty, and Unconditional Love that is HERE and NOW.

About Kara D. Goss

In 2014, Kara experienced an overnight shift in her conscious awareness that would drastically change her life and the lives of those around her. First, in assisting herself through the awakening process and then assisting others. Kara offers support to others as a way for them to move out of fear and separation consciousness and into the light of unconditional love, to embody heaven on earth is now Kara’s life work. She seeks to help others align with their soul’s highest purpose.

As a Multidimensional Healer, Awakener, and Ascension Facilitator, Kara’s mission is to help connect others with the essence of their true self, that is always within. She works Archangels, intuition, higher self, and I AM presence to help clients develop a sense of trust, freedom, compassion, and self-empowerment, unconditional love and unwavering sovereignty lay the foundation for everyone to realize that we are all one.

Kara is here to assist the awakening processes by supporting others to let go of the fear and separation consciousness. Most importantly, she emphasizes that her gifts are not unique to her; everyone has access to the higher levels of consciousness and all are worthy and able to tap into their spiritual gifts, for it is our birthright and NOW is the time.



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Energy Healing Services

Kara, I thank you so much for this. You are a truly amazing gifted woman. The work you did on me was completely astounding. I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt after you were done. No doctor or pain pills could offer me complete relief of not only my pain, but my stress. I would definitely recommend…”

Dawn, United Kingdom

Intuitive Life Coach

It’s hard to find the words to describe how wonderful my experience with Kara has been. When I first stepped into her office and saw her smiling face, it was as though I had met a long lost friend. But she has been so much more than a friend to me. She has been my spiritual guide as well as my teacher and a healer. She has always had time to listen with an open heart and gently guide me through many of life’s obstacles. She has helped my entire family on their own healing journeys. Kara is kind and loving. Her energy is like walking into the best hug you have ever experienced. May you be blessed enough to experience this for yourself one day. 

Rebecca M., USA

Anyone who meets Kara can tell you that she makes you feel so welcome and calm. She has helped me with many things and I thank her so much for all that she does!

Rylie Ream

I have been on a spiritual path for many years, but never found the ‘right teacher’ until I met Kara. She is by far the best healer I’ve worked with and one of the greatest gifts the universe has sent me. Not only is she extremely gifted, but is truly the most genuine, kind hearted and extraordinary person I’ve ever met. I’ve always struggled with money and she helped me remove a block I’ve had for ages. I’m not joking, but within days I received an offer for the exact job I was looking for, that pays more then I’ve ever made in my life. Kara told me miracles happen instantly and now I have proof that they do 🙂 If you want to transform your life, there is no one you could trust more to help you on your journey.

Chelea B.
Kara is always willing to help she is genuine and kind.. with kara it’s about helping people on their Journeys to become self empowered and aware, not about the money she truly cares about you and your journey and gives you the tools to go on your journey. she has helped so many of my friends and myself. I recommend her to all my friends.
Robin Hockey
Coming to see Kara always makes me feel better.. physically, emotionally and spiritually! better yet she gives me the tools I need at the time to keep moving forward in my journey.
April Ritzman