Anchoring The Trinity- Timeless Lion’s Gate 8/8/2020

Information for the Course:

Even if you missed the Lion’s Gate this activation is powerful and able to be used at any time!

The star Sirius is known as the spiritual sun, it is twice the size of our physical sun and even brighter! When the star Sirius aligns with the Earth The codes, energies, and consciousness that stream in each year are increased and sent down to be received from the Great Central Sun. This is when the star Sirius aligns perfectly with the Earth, and the Orion’s Belt directly aligns with the Pyramids of Giza, this is a long celebrated star gate and one deeply honored by our ancestors from ancient Egypt. Every Single Year on 8/8 there is an AMAZING and Powerful Star Gate called the Lion’s Gate that opens that brings an incredibly high increase of Cosmic Energy that flows between the Earth and Spiritual Realms!

It is because of this Star Gate that we can all easily shift, and lift our frequency to do a mass clearing of all that is no longer serving us and bring in the higher resonance of frequency to shift our consciousness and in particular; with this Lion’s Gate release the remaining impacts of the Galactic War that took place upon Orion that still impacts humanity to this day. I find it important to state that not all connections to Orion are of a negative polarity. In fact, there are many beautiful Christed beings from Orion.

As we clear these frequencies and memories from our fields, we also assist in removing them from the collective fields.

It is in the amazing star gate of light that we will align to the information being called forward this year; the information, codes, and higher light that is supporting each person to release interference fully, totally, and completely from this galactic war and align with divine will and love through the heart!

For there is never any battle when we raise our light. Our light illuminates all. It is through the increased activation that we will set the intentions to neutralize and remove all interference to any control matrix; with our focus being on Orion.

We will call in and download all the beautiful and divine cosmic light that is going to be pouring in upon this planet to activate your seeds of destiny, Christ consciousness, and the life giving activation of the trinity fire. In addition, to whatever is needed for each person on an individual level for your own awakening!

This is going to be a powerful clearing, and activation group on my most favorite day of the year! I cannot wait to spend it with all of you!

What to expect:

Do not make plans to drink, or be around a lot of people after the activation, your energy fields may be more sensitive than normal as it will be a powerful clearing. Make sure you are able to be in a quiet space. You will need lots of water, and to be prepared to be present with yourself for everything that comes up emotionally and physically a few days after.

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