The Angelic DNA- Etheric Angels Wings

Join Kara Goss as we delve deep into the activation of Angel Wings in the Subtle Body system.

As the frequency upon the planet continues to rise, more DNA codes are being activated and for many star seeds and light workers, many are noticing their Angel wings being activated.

In this free webinar, we are going to discuss

  • What are they and why are they there
  • The DNA Activation
  • What is their purpose and function
  • How do we keep them clear
  • How do they occur damage
  • What are the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of damage to Angel Wings
  • Activation to bring in the Angelic DNA and Repair The Wings

So if you or someone you know has noticed angel wings spring out on the middle of your back, you are not crazy, LOL 😉 You are ascending.


“I just wanted to THANK YOU and SPIRIT for today´s insightful session. There were responses to experiences I have been having lately and it has awakened me to deeper aspects of me and my life. Issues of others “not seeing me”, I being a bit “innocent”, distrusting almost everyone, hiding; these and more at once in these past couple of weeks. So amazing, thank you. Not to mention your sharing about our Angel Wings, my left side feels completely different now. I love the way you explain, clear and simple and sweet ” -Marcia


“Thank you!  I really enjoyed the angel class.  The meditation and downloads…holy cow!  I stayed awake to eat and move a little then crashed in a big way!  See you tomorrow (For Light Warrior Training)! ” -Jill

“Thank you for the perfectly timed and skillfully facilitated angel wings transmission! Wow, I was so in….deep! Goddess bless you. I really appreciated the way that you set up the session. It felt like you were loving and protecting your energy body and creating clarity and a solid architecture for the work. All the caveats were super helpful. ” -Dina

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